Upcoming projects: Spring/Summer 2014 / January 10, 2014


I will do a better job of filling in details at a later date, but for now this will have to suffice. This spring and summer be on the lookout for:

Publication of The Art Courage Program by Jaded Ibis Press in March (there is a LOT to talk about here... a full post is forthcoming)

Also in March, the Art | Crime Archive (Paul Kaplan, Dan Salmonsen and I) will curate two exhibitions and a lecture program at San Diego State University.

Also ACA related: we will publish our first essay (actual date tbd) in the journal STEAM, which is out of Clairemont Graduate School.  

Anna van Suchtelen and I will do an exhibition and series of workshops in Italy (late-spring/early-summer). Details are still being worked out, but the project will have a participatory edge and will involve post-doctoral scientists...

Sillage, and olfactory public artwork has been tentatively scheduled at the Santa Monica Museum of Art during the month of June.

And of course, if you missed my exhibition opening, Hotel Detective, last night, then too bad. All the wine is gone.


I will do a more complete version of this soon!

Press Release: Shadow Spaces from The Art | Crime Archive / February 6, 2014

Opening Tonight: Hotel Detective / January 9, 2014