Opening Tonight: Hotel Detective / January 9, 2014

Come take a look at some new work. If you haven't seen Jim Brown's new enterprise, Bread & Salt you will likely be impressed.

Thanks to Kinsee Morlan for the preview article on my show!

Here is the press release:

Not an Exit Gallery presents Hotel Detective, and exhibition of photographs by Brian Goeltzenleuchter.

For several years Brian Goeltzenleuchter has collected notepads from hotels around the world. A staunch enthusiast of the Detective Fiction entertainment genre, Goeltzenleuchter has embraced the investigative technique of making graphite rubbings on the top sheet of a notepad to reveal the message left from the previous note.  Hotel Detective features more than thirty images from his collection, each photographed and hand-cut to scale, then mounted on magnetic, “trompe l'oeil” bulletin boards. What results is a series of playfully posed questions, such as, How do we know what we know? Who else knows it? And how confidant should we be in that knowledge?

Upcoming projects: Spring/Summer 2014 / January 10, 2014

Transmedia Presentation - Debra Di Blasi / December 17, 2013