Paintings for Drowning Men - Some Documentation / July 8, 2014

NOTE: Anna and I will eventually get into the photo studio to properly document this edition. The Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine (Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine).

Paintings for Drowning Men , 2014, artists' multiple, edition of 60 + 2 artist proofs.

Description of Contents: Gloss black folio print on matte black archival box, 16 cm. x 16 cm. x 8 cm. Interior is a 4-color lithograph on satin stock, folded to create a recessed form. The recessed form holds 59 2-sided cards, each 6.4 cm. x 4.5 cm. The cards feature hand-written text on 4-color lithographs printed on satin stock. Each edition contains a signed colophon and instructions for use.

The instructions read:

Paintings for Drowning Men celebrates the transcendent nature of creativity. Contained herein are creative tasks. The tasks shift between the comical, the philosophical, and the therapeutic. Choose a card and begin.

This item was created in collaboration with 30 post-doc scientists while on residency in Ortigia, Sicily. For an overview of the entire project, click here.

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