My dog Lola has a show at Airlock Gallery / September 17, 2016

On this project my role has been relegated to studio assistant/PR manager. But I am still very proud of my dog, Lola. Here are some pics from the reception followed by a portfolio of images from her show, in case you missed it. Thanks to the humans and dogs who made it out!


Mike Whiting

An Art Exhibition by Lola Goeltzenleuchter
September 17 – October 8, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 17, 2 – 5 PM
Gallery Location: 1788 La Costa Meadows Dr. San Marcos, CA 92078


Airlock Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by San Diego-based artist, Lola Goeltzenleuchter. 

Born in 2006 in a rural community just outside of Portland, Oregon, Lola was the only member of her litter to survive. She was adopted by artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter and his wife Amy, with whom she lived in Seattle, Washington. The family relocated to San Diego, California in 2009, which prompted a profound change in Lola’s artistic sensibility. She began to see the world differently, honing a distinctive approach to process-based geometric abstraction. The resulting artwork is an existential meditation on sustenance and form in contemporary life.

In keeping with the working methods of many historic and contemporary geometric abstractionists, Lola subscribes to the self imposed restriction of innovating within rigid formal constraints: a square composition frames a circular bowl-like shape, inside of which a dynamic manipulation of form varies from one work to the next.  

Lola distinguishes herself from her peers through her rigid adherence of documenting her process. Working throughout the day in a studio partially illuminated by natural light, Lola will finish a work and call for its documentation immediately. Using only existing light, a resulting shift in tonality in the pictures creates varied contrasts in mood. Meaning is created by the interplay of tonality and form. This exhibition marks the end of a series of work begun in 2014. 


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