dorkbot presentation at machine project / December 3, 2014

Me and Bruce Nauman. Makes perfect sense.

For those around Los Angeles this weekend, I'll be giving a talk at Machine Project on Sunday at noon. The event is sponsored by Dorkbot SoCal , a consortium of artists, engineers, scientists and the like, who are interested in electronic cultures. My talk focuses on a specific element of my olfactory work: the device or mode of disseminating the scent (as a poetic and conceptual, rather than merely technical aspect of my work). This will be in preparation for a chapter I am Contributing to Victoria Henshaw's posthumous book is designing with smell, so I could use all the feedback you can give.

Preview of Art Courage Book-on-Tape / December 8, 2014

Victoria Henshaw, 1971 - 2014 / November 2, 2014