Video premiere and residency in Syracuse, Italy, May 2011 / May 22, 2011

When to throw a painting to a drowning man is a single channel video designed specifically for the attendants of the Translational Medicine Course, which will be held in Syracuse, Sicily, in May 2011. The film celebrates the transcendent nature of creativity, examining its potential as a skill and a tool for problem solving, critical thinking, networking, and team-building. This film marks the second time I have collaborated with my friend, Anna van Suchtelen.

During the TM Course week,  Anna and I will be on-site, exploring the city with cameras, microphones, notebooks and other registration and participation tools in an effort to compile narratives. Our process of working is socially engaged: each short narrative explores ideas of creativity, community, and collective authorship by encouraging participation. The film will be filled with short, thought-provoking narratives and personal growth exercises, which, together will form a sort of comical self-help book. An implicit outcome of the film is to highlight the false dilemma of considering art and science as binary opposites. More info found here.

post residency thanks / July 22, 2011

(Arguably) New Work: Bob Matheny at Sushi / May 1, 2011