L7: Leslie Nemour at Sushi Performance and Visual Art / May 4, 2010

L7: An installation of paintings by Leslie Nemour
May 4 – 30, 2010
Reception for the Artist: May 8, 6-9 PM

Sushi Performance and Visual Art presents L7, an installation of oil paintings by San Diego artist Leslie Nemour. Viewers enter Sushi’s intimate gallery space to discover an immersive environment of nearly 100 luminous oil paintings hung from floor to ceiling in idiosyncratic arrangements.

Each painting is a representation of a television still, photographically captured by the artist who then translates the image once more into a painting. The paintings are mined from a wide cross section of popular, once popular, and unpopular television shows. Nemour’s paintings depict disjointed movements, blurred boundaries, images between images, and other distortions, which lend themselves to the paintings’ indecisive brush strokes and restless color.  

Breaking with the tradition of the stand-alone painting, Nemour’s work is anything but self-contained. Hung in an unconventional manner, Nemour’s paintings form clusters, suggesting an internal logic, and forcing a narrative between seemingly unrelated subject matter. Reality show brides confront deadly sharks while a sexed-up, 70s era Catwoman watches from above with perverse pleasure.

Leslie Nemour grew up in San Diego, hanging out at the beach during the day and sneaking into the drive-in at night. Her deep interest in painting led her to pursue an MFA at UC San Diego where she studied with Manny Farber, Patricia Patterson and Italo Scanga. For the past 17 years Nemour has served as professor of painting and drawing at MiraCosta College. Her work has been featured nationally at such venues as USF, San Francisco, CA;  Northview Gallery, Portland, OR; SCA Contemporary Art, Albuquerque, NM. Selections of her work and more biographical information can be found at leslienemour.com.

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