c (pronounced /k/) Wellness Centre

c Wellness Centre, views from environment as installed at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Modalities include: Light Corridor (corridor dimensions: 10' x 16' x 2', custom fragrance microencapsulated into gallery wall paint, bilirubin light bulbs), Sonic Massage Unit (powder coated steel, mp3 player, "sonic impact series" audio tracks, noise reducing headphones, meditation pillows), Scent Station (painted wood, electronics, custom fragrance). Also included: Testing Station, plotter-cut vinyl, various photographs, 2010.



c (pronounced /k/), the boutique wing of Contraposto Home Decor Co., desires to assist cultural institutions in their quest for power. Our Wellness Centre runs according to the following logic: In the paradigm of heightened awareness the only thing that has beginning or end is perception itself. Attaining heightened levels of awareness (power) is a goal that can be facilitated through a comprehensive set of wellness modalities. Our proprietary line of aural (Sonic Massage), olfactory (Scent Station), and visual (Light Corridor) modalities offers a path to institutional wellbeing. All those affiliated with the Southern Alberta Art Gallery are encouraged to use the Wellness Centre and any of its products for sale in the gift shop. Other goods and services may be found at cphomedecor.com.

MODALITY: Sonic Massage Unit
The Sonic Massage Unit applies aural stimulation to promote heightened levels of perception. The compositions heard on the SMU have been researched, composed, and tested by vibration scholar Sean Francis Conway. For best results: Sit on the mat. Relax the eyes and the body. Listen to the sounds without discrimination. Remain mindful of the sensations occurring in the ears, taking note of where in the body those sensations subsequently register. The SMU features compositions from the "Sonic Impact Series" CD, which is available for purchase in the gift shop.

MODALITY: Scent Station
With the press of a button, the Scent Station dispenses a small dose of SAAG Environmental Fragrance. By exploiting the precognitive sense of smell, this custom fragrance can be applied at regular intervals to cleanse the environmental ambiance, thereby stimulating consistent degrees of positive energy and creativity, and encouraging high levels of productivity and enthusiasm.  For best results: Relax or close the eyes. Press the button and inhale deeply through the nose. Experience the scent with your whole body. Repeat the process, this time using two or three short inhalations. SAAG Environmental Fragrance is available for purchase in the gift shop.

MODALITY: Light Corridor
The Light Corridor creates an intense, progressive encounter with the healing properties of light. For best results: Walk mindfully through the Light Corridor. Give your whole body over to the light, taking note of the sensations that occur in the eyes, while expanding your consciousness to perceive where else in the body those sensations register. Continue to note the effects of the light even after you exit the corridor.

DIAGNOSTIC: Testing Station
To be used by Wellness Centre staff.
Please look, but do not touch.