TRUNK SHOW: Hand Soap, three collections of stills from DVD (edition of 6), duration 12:30 minutes, 2006

TRUNK SHOW: Hand Lotion, three collections of stills from DVD (edition of 6), duration 14 minutes, 2006 

Project Notes

TRUNK SHOW broadly investigates the social benevolence of community-based practices vs. the trickery and spectacle of the aesthetic or designed environment. The video is constructed from footage collected during two events which took place during the construction of Contraposto Home Decor's new boutique, c (pronounced /k/).  For each performance Contraposto staged a product-test-and-display-environment in the front lobby of the boutique, in which we introduced the new editions of soap and hand lotion. During each product test an actor playing a consumer scientist would engage consumers in a partially scripted product test. Each test consisted of consumers verbally responding to questions regarding personal hygiene and cultural taste while they participating in various tactile and olfactory experiences. The relationship between the highly sensual activities and the frank, personal dialog created tension that was often exacerbated by the actor's talent for extemporaneous conversation.