Paintings from the Contraposto Project

Selection from Collaborations, an ongoing series of paintings, oil and digital print on canvas, 2001-present. Inquire for specific dimensions or other images from series.

Notes on Paintings from the Contraposto Project

In developing a rapport with customers over the years, I have received many solicited and unsolicited snapshots of people's home interiors (many proudly displaying Contraposto's merchandise). These amateur photographs point to a certain climax in the Contraposto project; the photos are documents that represent the manner in which people individualize the mass produced object by situating and performing it in their unique home context. Further, the snapshots are magical documents of installations by consumers who, through their disciplined and passionate pursuit of decorating, intuitively use the same tools of representation as visual artists. In 2001 I began this series of paintings in order to reposition these wonderful snapshots in a critical domain. The series, entitled Collaborations, suggests the history of European domestic interior painting and photography (Vermeer, Vuillard, Atget, etc), while it simultaneously evokes the narratives of contemporary domestic space commonly overlooked.