Hybrids & Collaborations: A Series of Tactical Interventions

Hybrids & Collaborations: A Series of Tactical Interventions
In conjunction with 1st Amendment Festival, Central Washington University
May 30, 2007

Curatorial Statement

In contemporary art practice, one approach to art-making involves the artist creating work which exists within the public domain, outside of the gallery or museum context. In this more democratic space, the artwork engages a wider audience than it would in a more traditional setting. Eschewing the conventions of fine art, the “tactical intervention” is substituted for the “fine art object” in the hope that a profound and immediate social engagement takes place between the artists and viewers. It is in this context that we introduce Hybrids & Collaborations: A Series of Tactical Interventions. Fifteen artists (who are also CWU students) work together to create art that disrupts quotidian experience and draws attention to social themes. We present the art of disruption – sometimes gentle and fleeting, sometimes visceral and resonant.
-Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Department of Art
-Katharine Whitcomb, Department of English 

Blütus Leben...because your life is precious. (Ellis, Lemmon, Pybon)
Have you ever felt awkward or insecure, tired, or overwhelmingly depressed; unhappy with your appearance, overweight, forgetful, concerned with thinning hair, embarrassed by blemishes or other skin imperfections, dissatisfied with your sexual vitality, concerned about wrinkles or other signs of aging; troubled with issues of longevity, or are things simply not going your way?  Do you thirst for something more?  Well, the answer is here – Blütus Leben.  Blütus Leben – it’s not your typical nutritional supplement.  It is the very essence of life.  Blütus Leben – a life changing product.  Try Blütus Leben today.  Because your life is precious.

High and Tight (Hollick, hutchins, Nott)
High and Tight is a demonstration of the desperation of military recruitment officials in this age of unjustified war and violence. By accepting the promise of adventure, many of our young Americans are deceived into trading their lives for one man’s ideology.  When tricks, traps, and hoaxes fail to recruit, seduction becomes the greatest tool employed by government officials.

Transactions (James, Lane, Nelson)
The landfills are bursting with misplaced desires and yesterday’s novilities. Our closets are overflowing with a surplus of “stuff.” Before we throw it all away, let’s meet and see if my junk could be your treasure. You are invited to browse through items you may find useful: food, clothing, tools, resources and facts. This is free stuff in the interest of free speech. Stop and chat a while. Location: in the SURC mall, in front of the “bookstore.” We ask nothing except that you sign our guestbook and share your thoughts. 

Apology Wall (Cavazos, Jarboe, Weed)
Participants are invited to stop by the booth in front of the Apology Wall, pick up a piece of paper and write an apology on it. Apologies can be anonymous or named. Apologies will be written on color-coded paper to signify the type of apology being made. All written apologies will be rolled up and inserted into small, perforated holes  in the apology wall. All are welcome to pull paper from the wall and read others’ apologies.