Exchange Value(s)

Exchange Value(s), context specific event, one month in duration, 2004

Project Overview

Transforming a section of the gallery into a neo-Victorian living room, Goeltzenleuchter's company, Contraposto Home Decor, invites visitors to relax and watch the latest in home improvement television, read any number of lifestyle magazines, and view paintings of home interiors made collaboratively by Goeltzenleuchter and Contraposto's customers. Installed elsewhere in the gallery is a fully-stocked artists' studio where visitors are encouraged to participate in an artistic exchange with Contraposto Home Decor Company.  In exchange for a decorative candle from Contraposto's line of home accents viewers can make a picture representing their own ideas regarding the home.  These pictures, in turn, will be placed on exhibit for the duration of the exhibition, after which time they become the sole property of Contraposto Home Decor Company.