Small packages / by Brian Goeltzenleuchter

Sample vial + packaging of Terre SAUVAGE.

Sample vial + packaging of Terre SAUVAGE.

I am really pleased with the look of the Terre SAUVAGE samples. Email me if you want one.

In the meantime, read Canadian Art's account of the CTS's show here. The article summed Terre SAUVAGE up thusly:

The final room of the show features a high-art-meets-pop-cult mashup of a different sort: a perfume based on the plein-air painting practice of iconic Canadian artists like the Group of Seven. Called Terre Sauvage, the bright-pink perfume is packaged for display in maple-leaf-shaped bottles. A tester releases a strong (and in fact, difficult to shake) spruce-pine smell—an allegory, perhaps, for the lingering, permeating way that the G7’s legacy persists in the Canadian art world, or at least in popular perceptions thereof.

Props for taking on an olfactory work, however unintelligently.