Avant Nez

Avant Nez, bespoke fragrance in glass flask embedded in cast resin. Launched in 2011 to individual patrons/collectors.

Description: Avant Nez

Avant Nez marks an important transition in my recent work with public cultural institutions; Avant Nez is an entirely private collaboration with individual patrons to realize a distinctively personal olfactory profile. This process entails a sequence of three or more pre-arranged sittings. These meetings define the context for an evocative and intense journey which results in the creation of a client's personal fragrance, bottled within a sculpture that I designed and made. The sculpture is a scientific flask (60 ml) trapped within a cast resin form modeled after a rough looking brick. The brick form is crystal clear with the exception of a crimson colored pigment floating in the resin. There is a deep recess in the form which houses a glass dropper which the patron may dip in the flask and apply the fragrance to his/her skin.