A Poetry Olfaction (Series)

Brian Goeltzenleuchter & Anna van Suchtelen, Lets call it grass, A poetry olfaction in 3 parts, artist-made fragrance, 4-color offset print in an unnumbered edition, of which 20 copies are signed and numbered to correspond with 20 1-dram vials of fragrance. Above documentation from the following exhibitions: Volatile!, Poetry Foundation, Chicago (curator: Debra Riley Parr); Sweet Gongs Vibrating, San Diego Art Institute (curator: Amanda Cachia).

Project Notes

A Poetry Olfaction is a series of durational artworks which intertwine the power of poetry with the sense of smell; the reader uses the poem to reflect upon the scent at specific stages of its evaporation. Lets call it grass, pictured above, is the first "olfacto-poem" in a serial collaboration between olfactory artist, Brian Goeltzenleuchter and writer, Anna van Suchtelen.